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Confession of a Kenyan Politician

Thank you for granting me this opportunity to express my views on the issues affecting our country today. To begin with, my name is Excellency, Hon. Mp. EGH.SGH.CDF.YDF (and other tittles I am yet to get) Pat Rock*. I am the MP of Shimoni in Northwest Nyanza Rift Central province, having held this position for now five terms and still counting. Read the rest of this entry

Made in Kenya? No thank you!


Sometimes i reminisce about my country. How much i love it and the people in it. How much I just want to move around all the 47 counties and meet all the great people from all around. The perfect road trip at our now nearly perfect roads. Its a great country with the most beautiful and unique map shape. High mountain, equator almost dividing it into two. I mean, its like God started creation from this point. Just lovely but…… scratch all that.

Now let’s get real.
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The humble looter- Pro Westgate Mall Terrorism


We have all suffered great losses after the terrorism attack on Westgate mall in Nairobi parklands. Lives lost, psychological tremor to victims, hundreds injured, countries dignity shaken, property worth millions lost, destroyed & stolen. All conspiracy theories aside regarding hostages or whether the terrorists all escaped, it doesn’t change the simple fact that we have been attacked &  we are mourning. RIP to the lost lives, quick recovery to the injured & for those who lost property & won’t be compensated because they didn’t have terrorism insurance, take heart & hope for blessings or sue the govt for negligence.

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nairobi-night Nairobi @ night.

I have lived all my life in Nairobi. The capital city of Kenya. I know all the corners, estates, dark places, malls, good places. Literally, all parts of the city. I know almost all roads & can tell you if a route I have passed before has got a new bump or pothole. I have traveled all parts of the country but whenever I think of settling elsewhere, I still come back to Nairobi & it has become boring. Read the rest of this entry

Governor Kidero apologizes for his actions

After the showdown that took place 2 days ago where Nairobi Governor “killed a mosquito ” on the face of Nairobi Women Representative Shebesh, he has been able to offer a public apology. He termed the incident as an act of aggression. Indeed it showed a side of him  we the public have never seen or known to exist since he looks like one well soft spoken man. Read the rest of this entry

Evans Kidero slaps Rachel Shebesh

There’s one thing I like saying & I keep saying & that is 1. NEVER RAISE YOUR HAND ON A WOMAN. & 2, DON’T ENGAGE IN A VERBAL EXCHANGE WITH A WOMAN. Just never. The first one is a complete NO NO.  No matter the situation or what she says, just hold your ego & try as much as you can & relax your nerves. Look for a wall & smash it if you want or worse yet, punch the dude standing next to you if there is, you will sort that latter. Read the rest of this entry


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Wellcome to my blog my name is Beth i live in Wales in the UK its full of green grass and lots of hill oh and sheep haha.i wanted to start a blog so i could write about my life , my journey on finding my self , my kids and anything that is on my mind which could be anything from make up , men , chocolate ANYTHING. I suppose its sort of like a dairy.i dont get to spent as much time as i would like on here but starting from today i am going to make the time even if its for just 10 small moments

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