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Gayism in Africa – (My contradicting opinion)


First things first, its illegal almost everywhere except South Africa. You get to be locked up at least 10 yrs in jail.

We live in the 21st century. A time when privacy is a piped dream. The age of internet where information is everywhere and opinions are expressed more openly. Immorality is no longer a concern coz sex sells throughout all medias whether print or digital but with all that, we Africans still find it hard to adjust in matters of sexuality. Read the rest of this entry


Texting is annoying. Pick up a phone & call


Okay. Today am just going to do a personal tirade of something I have grown to hate. I might be one in a million (which makes me special) but let me just spill it. Am talking on behalf of the millions out there like me. No matter the situation we are in, we just hate it. It’s the most preferred way of communicating but still we are the few who go old school. Well, I hate texting. Yes. Just that. Read the rest of this entry

Confession of a Kenyan Politician (Card 6)


Thank you for granting me this opportunity to express my views on the issues affecting our country today. To begin with, my name is Excellency, Hon. Mp. EGH.SGH.CDF.YDF (and other tittles I am yet to get) Pat Rock*. I am the MP of Shimoni in Northwest Central province, having held this position for now five terms and still counting.

I must admit that, I grew up from a humble background, full of challenges. I used to walk barefoot going to school and survived on Githeri for most part of my early childhood, so I have had a rough life and…. it’s my time to eat. My passion in politics began when I was a young kid, where I used to involve myself mostly in debates and other social activities which made me get an understanding of people and therefore wanted to be a leader among them. Read the rest of this entry

Screw the Modern Church (card 3)


As prophesied in the bible, the word of God will spread like bush fire to all corners of the world and many will still not hear….. (Not the exact words cz I cant remember the book or chapter). And the prophesy can now be witnessed by the many tiny offering minting profit making NGOS. Oh! You call them churches. But seriously…….. Read the rest of this entry

Embarrassment (card 1)


Believe me when I say this. Shit happens. No matter how big or small, smelly or watery it is, It doesn’t matter. Shit is shit. But when it happens, Oh God please let it not find you in public. It might seem a small action but the embarrassment it causes can be big enough to make you contemplate suicide. Read the rest of this entry


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