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Marriages shouldnt last more than 10 years

You can say am the prophet of doom which is okay coz I know I am not. I am just a guy who leaves in the world of realism & accepts the changes that come with the advancements in humanity, like being extremely lazy to go to a church for a confession but instead downloading an app that connects you with a Father of a church somewhere in Rome. Its this changes & invisible evolution in us that its time we start accepting somethings as inevitable reality. Read the rest of this entry


I tried meditating. It didn’t work.

I have been quite stressed lately and I thought I could try to do a few tactics TV shows have been recommending as solution. This included meditation tactics like Yoga, Feng shui and whatever other silly name exists….duf peng! Read the rest of this entry


This is the 21stcentury. Or is it 20th? Whichever. We live in a revolutionized society. A society set up with the foundation of our fore fathers. Yes! Forefathers. From the days of first man on earth till now. Most importantly, the foundation set from our fore fathers of the 19thcentury. This is the 21st century. Most inventions we use today were invented from the 19thcentury. Now you see the relationship. But our immediate fore fathers lacked something. The technology (or should I call it extra brains) to enable them finish that which they had started. Some of the forefathers still live today. They are happy of the outcome of their century while others are sad of what came from their century too. Picture the guy who invented the television and that who invented the gun. Read the rest of this entry


Some believe in aliens, some don’t. Am not sure which one of the two i fall into but i strongly believe we are not alone. I mean, the whole universe, all those planets, all the galaxies, all the other universe’s that exist, the master universe…. The master master universe…. You can’t convince me. It’s a mind gnashing thought which mostly lead us nowhere & since dead people can’t come back to tell us what lies ahead of us, we will forever remain with that mystery in our heads. Read the rest of this entry

Texting is annoying. Pick up a phone & call


Okay. Today am just going to do a personal tirade of something I have grown to hate. I might be one in a million (which makes me special) but let me just spill it. Am talking on behalf of the millions out there like me. No matter the situation we are in, we just hate it. It’s the most preferred way of communicating but still we are the few who go old school. Well, I hate texting. Yes. Just that. Read the rest of this entry

Embarrassment (card 1)


Believe me when I say this. Shit happens. No matter how big or small, smelly or watery it is, It doesn’t matter. Shit is shit. But when it happens, Oh God please let it not find you in public. It might seem a small action but the embarrassment it causes can be big enough to make you contemplate suicide. Read the rest of this entry


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Wellcome to my blog my name is Beth i live in Wales in the UK its full of green grass and lots of hill oh and sheep haha.i wanted to start a blog so i could write about my life , my journey on finding my self , my kids and anything that is on my mind which could be anything from make up , men , chocolate ANYTHING. I suppose its sort of like a dairy.i dont get to spent as much time as i would like on here but starting from today i am going to make the time even if its for just 10 small moments

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