Marriages shouldnt last more than 10 years

You can say am the prophet of doom which is okay coz I know I am not. I am just a guy who leaves in the world of realism & accepts the changes that come with the advancements in humanity, like being extremely lazy to go to a church for a confession but instead downloading an app that connects you with a Father of a church somewhere in Rome. Its this changes & invisible evolution in us that its time we start accepting somethings as inevitable reality.

Gays & Lesbians are here to stay. They have always been there, its just now that they are coming out & getting acceptance in the society. Am a Kenyan & that’s one fact which we as Africans we will never accept publicly but deep down in our hearts, we really don’t care. That is also true of the thousands of cultures in our country which prohibit almost everything. Did you know if a luo dad died, the wife & the kids must be shaved. Seriously! What kind of bullshit culture is that??

So you say am westernized. I can also say you are naive & ignorant of the changes in the world & this changes have grown deep into the heart of humanity including the sanctity that is marriage.

In many cultures in Africa, divorce is a curse. If a woman gets divorced, she gets banished & shun away by the traditional community. (Even when your husband dies, they shun you away anyway. The irony.) We still have forced marriages among young girls & for most of the men, a certain age comes when everybody is asking you when will you get married. What if I don’t want to? What if i just like having random sex & moving on with my life. What if I find having kids is a lot of work! Does that mean something is wrong with me?

The reality is more people are becoming sucked up with their work life & careers such that squeezing time for dating & getting married is becoming more & more scarce. We have Tinder for those moments you want to hook up with a random person & get down to it. No need for 90 days rule of waiting & another 2 years of dating. Chat, send a smiley, meet the next day, screw, delete each others numbers….or if it was good, then ill send you a tinder message (because my phonebook is full of much important numbers) for the next meet. That’s the world we are in right now. Reality.

So you want us to marry. Seriously? I found you on for heavens sake. A dating site where I know you have other multiple partners you are chatting with the same way you are with me. What kind of marriage would that turn to? For how long will you be in love before you realize you miss the attention that come with Tinder of every guy liking you profile & telling you how sexy your ass, not your face, is?

The number of marriages failling is getting higher by the day. More people are learning that the vows for better & for worse are a receipe to a marriage prison sentence. They are the words that in health & in sickness, you are still supposed to be in that bad marriage which your husband dogs around & comes home late & beats you up. Nobody deserves to leave a miserable life just because he or she made a promise to his or her partner. If the love is gone, walk away. Don’t wait to be killed in your horrible already pointless marriage. If you also feel you are no longer happy in the marriage, step out. Go get something new that will make your life worth leaving again. Don’t wallow in sorrow & depression for life is only one. Let the society talk & judge. That’s their job. Your personal happiness is divine & shouldn’t be compromised.

So yes, marriages shouldn’t last for more than 10 years. How did I come up with the number? It takes average 2-4 years in the dating period, courtship, engagement & finally marriage. There’s the 2-5 years of honeymoon. Then there is the stress deep that comes with children, growing fat, financial issues & a whole load of problems. At the end of it all, its 10 years of marriage. Now you have to decide. Is the person you are with the person you are willing to continue your life with or you need to take a break? Seat down with your partner, evaluate your time together honestly & if nobody is happy &  it has turned to be a bad marriage, raise your chin high & bid adios.

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