You leave in Saturn & you view the earth using a telescope but all that you see is a pale blue dot. If you viewed it on a computer screen, you might think of it as just a misplaced pixel or dirt on the screen. It’s that small & powerless. It’s humble & peaceful you can almost forget everything that it carries. You then feel the strong urge to leave your current planet & want to visit it.

The closer you get, the more attractive it becomes. The larger it gets & its striking beauty keeps calling. You realize the blue colour was much because it’s almost more than 70%water. You see land & beautifully divided rifts to separate continents. You become amazed by the weather from above. The distance from the earth to the sun just perfect. Not cold, not too hot. Remembering the cold from Saturn makes you feel you are in the best temperatures ever.

Filled with smiles, you go nearer& enter its climate. The feeling of rushing wind & sun rays are welcoming. The once quiet planet from far, you get to hear many sounds. You get excited & can’t wait to reach the ground. You fall faster than usual thanks to gravity. The air is almost clean & you no longer need a gas mask. Oxygen is free & unlimited. You lose your space suit & enjoy the weather.

You finally touch the ground.Walking majestically & with stability. You touch the sand & feel the earth breathing life in itself. With bewilderment you look up the trees. An amazement & totally new thing to see. The sound of birds feel the air. Scary roars from a distance sending chills through your body. The atmosphere feels dumb n the trees drop water droplets to kill your thirst. You feel the certainty that your life can fully sustain itself without any struggle. Moving further, you almost reach the end of the forest & welcomed with a totally different environment.

What you don’t know is that you are in one of the 1% of forests remaining in the world. The clean air you breathed, you will never feel it again unless you become a jungle person. You landed feeling warm temperatures but little did you know there is a global warming crisis going on. The climate has become unstable & it’s getting worse by the day. The earth is experiencing rapid climate changes & you still don’t know the cause of all that. The snow is melting faster, the weather is becoming worse. The inhabitants don’t care & there you are, praising the planet for its true beauty before going round it.

Out of the forest, you step on a tarmac road. A few miles ahead of you, you see black smoke rising in the air. It looks & sounds like a falling meteorite but no! It’s a factory. You start to chock from the smoke as the clouds above you look blacker than usual. The pale blue once beautiful dot now starts giving you its true image. A moving thing passes you hurriedly leaving a smoke of gas & you guess it’s a vehicle or some sort of transporting thing for any inhabitants who might be in this planet. Shock & curiosity drives you closer to the factory…… & it all starts to make sense.

You encounter the real inhabitants of this planet. By the perimeter, you see a specie, probably a male lying on the ground. You draw out a weapon but you realize the specie looks so incapacitated to fight back or offer any kind of resistance. You move closer & he stretches out his hand & utters a few words, “Help me with a dollar. I need food. Please.” Understanding the words clearly, you don’t know what a dollar is. You move past him cautiously as he looks at you with sorry eyes. From a distance, you see a group of people arguing loudly. In a blink, a fight erupts. You are left wondering why people of the same specie would want to harm each other. Afraid of the on goings, you move towards the factory entrance. Peeping at the gate, you see a large electronic controlled saw cutting through trees. Next to it you see a large burning furnace where the timber passes through. Your mind is full of confusion. Fear gripping tight on you instead of the other way round. You see a well-dressed man giving instructions to the scantily dressed men shouting instructions. The men look at him & with frightened faces look down & go on with their work.

You then hear the sharp sound of a TV. You see bold lines written “Headlines.” The TV announces a serial killer has killed several people. It goes ahead to show political instability in several countries. You then hear the dollar is losing ground & you immediately relate it to a form of currency. Its once bad happening after another. After several bad news headlines, you finally hear that one activist is building a product to reduce water Hyacinth & also donates to the community around him. At the end of the News headlines, the lady smiles & says “That’s all for now.” You are left conjecturing why she smiled with only a single news headline sounding positive.

The reality of where you are dawns. The pale blue dot seen from a distance is not all that it seems. All the happenings of the few hours play in your thoughts & you see the desperation the planet needs to save itself from its inhabitants. So much potential but very little hope. Trees & clean air but they breathe dust. Suffering from hunger & yet the forest & earth look promising than never. The people fighting each other instead of looking for a solution to their problems……. Just so much wasted potential of one good deed followed with another.  With fear already chocking you, you cut shot your exploration & say that is enough. You take off & head back straight to the forest & board you ship & leave the earth. It starts haunting you how you can help or what you can do. You think of a total invasion against the people leaving but that’s not encouraging enough. Out of the earth’s atmosphere, you can’t stop but wish all the best for the planet as you give upon it & say not all that glitters is diamond.

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