MY CULT- DiazMasonatti

I am going to start my own cult. For legality purposes, am going to call it a movement. I’ll come up with a better name when I fully decide that I’ll start the cult. For now, let’s just call it DiazMasonatti.

I’ll be the only member of my cult. I won’t talk about it, tell anyone, advertise or recruit. At least not directly. Ill create dogmas & dogmata to follow, initiations to do, come up with chants more scary & creepy than Freemasons or any creepy religion in existence. Harmonized lullaby songs, slower than the Catholics, & as the founder, I’ll make a custom rob. Just like the Popes but a little shorter to my uncle. Best part, it will be transparent to please the ladies & also so I don’t forget & substitute the costume for my daily clothes.

Now on the recruiting, like I said, I won’t recruit. I will model my cult & make it attractive. Make people wonder what’s wrong with me, what drugs am I on & how cool is that which I have just done. The cult will be attractive, glitzy & everything that attracts an evil man. They will join. Not out of will but out of pure curiosity. They’ll want me to explain the whys & how’s, & ill simply reply by saying am under an oath of secrecy. So strong to be broken or abused. Punishable by chopping off of limb or whatever…maybe even death. For those curious enough to want to know more & ready to pass the initiation, those are the followers I’ll take in. they will have demonstrated passion for wanting that which they don’t know& weakness that I can control them. I’ll make it a leaving hell for them through the initiation such that when they are through it, they will be tight lipped. Emotionless, miserable inside, attractive on the outside & good ambassadors to bring new members.

The cult will be all about tapping the weakness of human behaviour. The manipulation of character & providing the sense of belonging. It will be about giving people what they crave for. Publicity & Power. It will be about giving hope to the already too hopeless to be repaired. It will be for those in love with experimenting things & having themselves in danger. The lonely, the neglected, the sadists, liars, politicians, lost religious people……everyone will be welcome & most important, be prepared to be deceived.

After all that, it was one & now we are five. Before you know it, I have a whole army of people behind me. In a movement with no just cause or vision. Just nothingness & enjoying being creepy. For me, there is nothing really. Just the sense of self achievement thriving. The feeling of having followers or worshipers. Acting like a small mortal god. Given the chance, any of us would want that, why not exercise it. It will be interesting………… and then we will have to sacrifice one of us as offering.

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Blogger. loves writing about anything in my mind.

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