This is the 21stcentury. Or is it 20th? Whichever. We live in a revolutionized society. A society set up with the foundation of our fore fathers. Yes! Forefathers. From the days of first man on earth till now. Most importantly, the foundation set from our fore fathers of the 19thcentury. This is the 21st century. Most inventions we use today were invented from the 19thcentury. Now you see the relationship. But our immediate fore fathers lacked something. The technology (or should I call it extra brains) to enable them finish that which they had started. Some of the forefathers still live today. They are happy of the outcome of their century while others are sad of what came from their century too. Picture the guy who invented the television and that who invented the gun.

You may wonder why I keep referring to the 19th century. It’s because this to me, was the century the human race begun uniting. All races started to see sense in each other and appreciate each other through United Nations & even colonialism. Slave trade had reached its tipping point too. It was the century people realized the earth had borders and it was full of other people. The century explorations were made and greedy people named places far from their homes with their names; like they found nobody in that place which he/she or they claimed to have discovered.  It was the century when many science inventions we use today were invented. Like the airplane, telephone, guns…. yah! Even nuclear bombs. It was the century that countries tested their might with other countries. People witnessing two world wars, and in what name? To seek control over the other countries and test the bombs they had made. Don’t defend yourself by mentioning the wars during the holy crusades. For heavens sake! Those guys were homo erectus and you are homo sapiens sapiens. It was the century humans reached the moon and sent stuff towards mars.

That was the 19th century…or 20th. I thank God I wasn’t born in it. Since at that time, my people were under colonial rule. They were controlled and told what to do by different people who thought they were superior due to their light skin. They controlled my people and my people wanted to be like them. They changed how my people thought and viewed things. How they dressed, what they ate, their lifestyle…. Everything. They even begun learning a different language just to try and gain favor from the light skinned. Wait. It wasn’t favor. So they could get a job in the white lands as farmers, though they once owned those lands. I still don’t understand why it had to happen. But it happened. So unfortunate. Am sorry, I don’t mean to sound racist because I am not. That was the past and people are awake in this century.

As I sit here right now, 24 years of age, I try to imagine and wonder where I would have been if it wasn’t for the colonialism or enlightenment session as others call it. At my age,am sure I would be huge. I would be weighing more than 65kgs at my age. I would be living in my own big house with several wives maybe. I would be fishing, hunting, farming or whatever commercial activity that was with my culture. I would have wealth. Not money. No. I would own cattle or shells. I would have several kids running around me at this time of the night as my wives briefed me on the happenings of the day. I am a reserved man today, so I believe at that time I would be reserved too and prefer sitting with my family than drink charm with other male friends. I wouldn’t have this pretty face I have today. I would be a real Scarface with holes in my skin. A sign of war load I was. Whether I won or lost the village fights, that doesn’t matter. I would have missing teeth out of the blows I got here and there and a few jabs would be saved for me for the next raid I would go to another village. 24 years. I would be a full man.Old enough to make village decisions and be a counselor to other boys. I would have been a young elder in my village. I would be waking up at 4 am and sleep at 11pm. I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark neither anybody. I wouldn’t be afraid of walking and being robbed. My body would be covered with animal skin clothes.Who stole that apart from a retarded dude? Who I would beat the hell out of him anyway. Sorry modern day woman; I would knock my wives if they ever crossed me and even chased them away if they didn’t give me a son after having several daughters. I would be courageous always. Whether in the village or going to meet another village or tribe. I would be like a modern day walking god with strong principles and family values. My kids would be upright knowing what is wrong and what is right. They would grow knowing am the most supreme in their lives and would give me their total respect. They would know they had well set stages to go through from their childhood before they graduated to adulthood.They would be learned- Expert hunters, farmers or fishermen.

They would know what food is and what is weed. What can be eaten and what is poison. They would naturally know what animal to play with, which to stand still and which to runaway from. The chosen ones would learn apprenticeship, like being blacksmiths or herbalists. Each and every girl would know how to cook and respect other males. They would never mingle in public unless it was a village party. They would be respectful with marks on their backs from beatings they received for doing wrong. The village would be healthy. Pray to a common God and meet on specific days at a holy place to give their sacrifices. God would be feared and respected like the God he is. Nobody could dare talk evil neither condemn God. Anybody who did evil could be cast from the village and be sent to a far away land as an outcast. Thieves could be taught a lesson after a deliberation from the council of elders. Murderers would be murdered. Sent to the forest and tied to a tree left there for the vultures and hyenas to fist on. Rapists and gays were unheard of. Almost everybody was morally upright.

The environment smelt, felt and looked nice. There were trees everywhere. Animals everywhere. The danger of wild animals would be high too, but there was a self correction in that since man and animal would know their boundaries. There would be all kind of flowers and birds. All kind of insects and snakes. I could hear the sounds of monkeys from my house. I could have killed several snakes trying to enter my house too.I could have attended burials of people who died from lion attacks. Sickness! That was rare. People ate healthy clean natural food. The herbalists did their best too. It was a win-win situation for all the universe players. Animals,environment, society and individual humans. An almost perfect balance of life. And God would be proud. But I guess he had change of plans for us……. No regrets though.

Thousands of cultures out there each have their own way of doing things. Japan being as civilized as they are and still maintaining their culture. China with their numbers and still being controlled under a set of unchanged, popular & almost trusted leadership. And their country still growing economically than the rest of the world. Indians being stable with their way of doing things and worship. The UK still having the same structure they had for centuries to rule them and govern them.The South Americans holding carnivals which have existed for centuries. The United States??? I honestly don’t know how to judge them. They themselves say they don’t have a culture…but have a strong government. I end it at that point.  Listen carefully. Am talking of cultures and the society. Not the religion. Nothing about Christians and Muslims or Hinduism and Jewish. That’s not the direction. Am looking at the society and its changing tide.

And now here I am seated in front of something that would make my great great grandfather wonder. A screen with light. And am writing a language he would only remember from the sounds of his employer, which he never understood. The same way I still don’t understand Greek.Crap. I try to look at my society and wonder what went wrong. We are a total opposite of what we were 100 years ago. Am not talking of my community or tribe. No. my country and the whole of Africa. Because that’s who I am and ill understand best without doing any research like I would have done if talking about the Koreans.

We are a completely changed people. Surprisingly, evenly changed across all the cultures of the world. Mine was just a sample, am sure you can tell yours. The corrupt society today. The one lacking morals neither appreciation for the other person. In every system there’s a loop hole so I accept the imperfection. But don’t you see this being too great?

I won’t be unfair to the whole world.The elderly are less affected except for the ones who had suppressed wants during their younger ages and now have a way to express them. We live in a digital world where from my house I can roam the whole world and see things in details,as if I was there. We live in the era economics are important than human life.Secularism has become a religion of its own entrenched in almost all constitutions of the world. Corruption is the norm of daily life. It is what controls development. It separates the rich from the poor. The corrupt society today that allows abortion of children as we convince ourselves that there is nothing wrong with that. The society controlled by money. Well referred to as the anti-Christ. Life has become so full of hardships & everybody is so much struggling with his or her own to pay attention to what his or her neighbor is going through. Its true sometimes I wish I just lived in the past century. Things were a little easier than now.

But welcome to the corrupt society. Survival is for the fittest. If you fall, you better know how to pick yourself up or people behind you will come trample on you. No matter how much judgment we pass to it, it’s too late to change apart from deep within ourselves.

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