Some believe in aliens, some don’t. Am not sure which one of the two i fall into but i strongly believe we are not alone. I mean, the whole universe, all those planets, all the galaxies, all the other universe’s that exist, the master universe…. The master master universe…. You can’t convince me. It’s a mind gnashing thought which mostly lead us nowhere & since dead people can’t come back to tell us what lies ahead of us, we will forever remain with that mystery in our heads.

All those UFO diaries, Bermuda triangle, Egyptian pyramids, the mysteries on strange sightings all around the world…. they all can’t be wrong. Humans are the most intelligent species in this planet but with that, our mind is still locked to what we can’t almost comprehend. Think of it as a computer processor. It might be powerful with up to super computer speeds but it is locked at a certain clock rate. Over clocking can increase it to higher speeds but there is still a limit.

You were born from a womb. Your mother was born too. You live, you die. Where do you go to? Where did the humans come from? Where did everything begin? Do you believe in religion stories or the big bang theory & quantum physics? Thousands of galaxies, millions of planets, hundreds of cosmos maybe & you say we are alone?

Right within the earth, we are our own aliens. Studies proving each person having at least six doppelgangers & with all the 7 billion of us, chances of ever meeting the other are almost zero in the probability scale. Crazy, maybe. Possible definitely. we live a full life & we struggle trying to discover that which is beyond us.

Space ships, satellites all moving trying to seek the unknown. its almost nature that we badly want to know if there are other people out there we can meet. Intentions might not be clear but even if its conquering their planet before they do ours, that doesn’t matter. meeting them is the first part to that success.

Again, with all those planets & universe out there, God definitely has a secret planet far from us with people. maybe that’s where heaven is and we don’t know. maybe its the backup planet where people go when they die. Maybe there’s also another one which is full of problems & hardships where evil people from this planet die and go. What if the bible just told us where the other aliens are? In a planet called Heaven & another one called hell. Just a What if!!!

In my current lifetime up to where I have reached, I don’t see myself witnessing the first encounter with a UFO. Maybe not my great grandchildren too. but down in that line, a generation will find them. it can be thousands of years from now or maybe a few millenniums if the earth will still be in existence that is. What I believe in…….. with the little science I know this far…… there are aliens. I cant prove it neither can I disapprove it but its a reality or theory yet to be discovered or proven wrong. As all things go, time will tell & I just wish I was part of that time. What you believe in is acceptable too but you cant miss to feel a sense that there is someone out there also trying to find us before we find them & create some sort of treaty for space peace or domination.

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