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Confession of a Kenyan Politician

Thank you for granting me this opportunity to express my views on the issues affecting our country today. To begin with, my name is Excellency, Hon. Mp. EGH.SGH.CDF.YDF (and other tittles I am yet to get) Pat Rock*. I am the MP of Shimoni in Northwest Nyanza Rift Central province, having held this position for now five terms and still counting. Read the rest of this entry


You leave in Saturn & you view the earth using a telescope but all that you see is a pale blue dot. If you viewed it on a computer screen, you might think of it as just a misplaced pixel or dirt on the screen. It’s that small & powerless. It’s humble & peaceful you can almost forget everything that it carries. You then feel the strong urge to leave your current planet & want to visit it. Read the rest of this entry

MY CULT- DiazMasonatti

I am going to start my own cult. For legality purposes, am going to call it a movement. I’ll come up with a better name when I fully decide that I’ll start the cult. For now, let’s just call it DiazMasonatti. Read the rest of this entry


This is the 21stcentury. Or is it 20th? Whichever. We live in a revolutionized society. A society set up with the foundation of our fore fathers. Yes! Forefathers. From the days of first man on earth till now. Most importantly, the foundation set from our fore fathers of the 19thcentury. This is the 21st century. Most inventions we use today were invented from the 19thcentury. Now you see the relationship. But our immediate fore fathers lacked something. The technology (or should I call it extra brains) to enable them finish that which they had started. Some of the forefathers still live today. They are happy of the outcome of their century while others are sad of what came from their century too. Picture the guy who invented the television and that who invented the gun. Read the rest of this entry


Some believe in aliens, some don’t. Am not sure which one of the two i fall into but i strongly believe we are not alone. I mean, the whole universe, all those planets, all the galaxies, all the other universe’s that exist, the master universe…. The master master universe…. You can’t convince me. It’s a mind gnashing thought which mostly lead us nowhere & since dead people can’t come back to tell us what lies ahead of us, we will forever remain with that mystery in our heads. Read the rest of this entry

Its a Big booty era

All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe (2 chainz) after the birthday, I just wana walk in the streets & see the girls Wiggle Wiggle (jason Derulo) to the beat & when night comes & am in the house, I wana see my girlfriend pass in front of me with that fat Anaconda (Niki Minaj). If she denies it to me, then ama just hit the strip club & watch as Bandz a make her dance (Juicy J) coz this hoes ain’t loyal anyway. Am a chuck ma phone out & watch the girls Twerk it (Busta Rhymes) to the trap songs. I cant stop thinking of how on Saturday ama hit a club & pull it to her bumper (Konshens). A club with girls who cant wine & kotch (RDX) is a waste of time cz you see girls, Nicki Minaj said, Fuck those skinny bitches in the club, I wanna see all the big fat ass bitches in the motherfucking club. wach U gotta have is a BIG BIG BIG booty (Jennifer Lopez) I mean its an ass ass ass ass ass (Big Sean) world.

Yap! Its a big booty Era our girls leave in & damn! for us guys we love it but for the girls, its a total societal pressure. Its either you get a fat ass or you are the least checked out girl. Every girl is working hard go Intern-ASS-ional. How we got here is still a mystery but maybe Nicki Minaj can explain to us how it all begun. The pressure is so much that girls are going for underground ass injections just to have that big ass to brag about….until it goes all wrong & they come out with a big one sided ass.

In Kenya, its just catching up. From all the big ass socialites gracing our TVs everyday, our young girls cant stop wishing how they can get there while on Pills & Portions. One video song after another is all about praising the ass as they flash on our Tv screens. Open any blog website & the featured post is an ass of a newly discovered socialite. There are even showdowns on who has the ‘phatest’ ass around. Our mainstream Tv stations have news anchors wearing mini skirts just so we can concentrate more on the news that is in our imaginations of whats under. Hell!! even our cops wear tight skirts.

If you have a big ass, you are now a center of attraction. Clubs will even pay you to tag along with your other big booty friends to make it look classy. Trashy? Who cares as long as a picture on Facebook gets 100 likes! Girls no longer take photos of their face. Its too mainstream. All we see is a tight skirt, some ugly looking face with a weave but all that gets uplifted by a big ASS. Even the church girls cant resist taking a photo that doesn’t show their behind coz like I said, Its a big Booty Era & we are just getting started.


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