Ban poaching together with legal hunters


Lake Nakuru national park used to have white rhinos, thousands of wild beasts and hundreds of elephants. That’s what a park ranger told me less than two years ago when i went for an adventure in the park with a few friends. It was on Christmas day of 2012 to be specific. With my expectations so high, i was looking forward to seeing some if not all of the big five animals, but that wasn’t to happen. Going round the lake in the park, all i saw were wild beasts, buffaloes & managed to see one rhino from a far distance. The rest of the day, we kept struggling trying to spot animals but the only animal we were in luck to see more often were flamingos and wild beasts. At some point, I even wished a random snake could just appear and give us the thrill that we were in a national park full of forests & dangerous wild animals for heaven sake. It was like roaming inside a large animal orphanage. So boring.

2 yrs latter, i still don’t have a reason to visit a park again because i like having value for my money and right now, i don’t feel if the parks will give me that. I have always been a fan of local tourism whenever i have the chance because they aren’t expensive & they are a fun day out, but with all the animals being killed, I don’t have a reason to visit anymore.

Several years back in the 90s, iI remember watching the then president Moi burn hundreds of ivory worth millions that were seized in a show that Kenya doesn’t support poaching. Since then, the next president kibaki also banned several tusks as a show of resistance to poaching. Since last year though, there have been several cases of animals being killed for their tusks and it won’t be long before our current president also burns tusks again. How this is to stop poaching, nobody knows. They’d rather admit the mistake has been done & put the money back in the economy coz we need it more.

The poachers

The few thousand elephants and rhinos remaining will soon become extinct before we know if. For the poachers, they will have exhausted our market and they will move to a new country and do so maybe till the day all elephants in the world become extinct. But that is some 10-20 years from now. So are we just going to seat & wait for the animals to die out to realize we could have killed all poachers arrested now. The poaching industry exists because the market is there. Killing lions & cheetahs for their skin. Killing elephants & rhinos for their tusks. capturing endangered pretty birds for self satisfaction & show off. The business is real & people are making millions of dollars out of it. With the current state of unemployment in Kenya, being offered 100k (1000 dollars) just to transport game trophy sounds like a very good deal that I can even consider it. That’s the reality of the matter. So before the government tells people to stop poaching, creating better alternatives sounds like a better approach. Just recently has the government made it to law that illegal poaching is life imprisonment & that might just work. We have been able to see some poachers surrender their weapons & being taken in as scouts to help in the conservation of the animals they have been killing. How the government is fighting on the international scene though doesn’t look very strong. Recently a godown with hundreds of packaged tusks was linked to foreigners who till today, nobody knows if they were arrested or they escaped. There is the issue of corruption again! Men!! Its just messed up I just dont know how the poaching war can be won.

The legal poachers (Licensed hunters)

And then there is the issue of legal hunting? What on earth is that!! The internet was a buzz with the story of Kendall Jones. The 19 yr old (with a face very popular in porn movies) who bragged of killing animals & posted pictures of the same online.


She claimed the fees the “rich” hunters pay help in conservation of the hunted animals. Am no economist but here is an assumption: There is 1 lion in Maasai Mara Game reserve. 100,000 normal poor people have paid the usual 20 dollars to go see the lion & other animals in the park, & Kendall Jones is in the same park (definitely ignorant) kills the only 1 lion remaining in the park because it is legal. Yes, she paid 250,000 dollars for an annual license to hunt. How has her killing of the lion helped in the conservation of the game park? There was to be a repeat entrance collection of 2 million dollars, lets say every weekend people go to see the animals but since its dead & there are no more lions remaining, out of the 100k tourists, only 10k decide to visit the park again. How is that economical sound to the government?


We should maybe be given license to kill humans because morons are all over the place. Tourism has more profit than what legal poachers bring. That’s no brainer. We want to go to National parks to see all animals especially the endangered type. Let the license be granted to kill gazelles & wild beasts. They are in plenty for now but by any chance their population takes a deep, let their hunting be banned. Killing lions & rhinos will only reduce their already dwindling numbers and for a country like mine which depends on tourism for revenue, the more they reduce, the more tourists look for alternative routes because their is nothing interesting to see any more.

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