Why President Uhuru Kenyatta wont save us Kenyans. Yet!


Before i get branded as a hater of the TNA party let me just clarify that, that doesn’t make me an ODM fanatic. In fact, am not ashamed of saying who i voted for. Am one of the minority who will keep talking and hoping one day we will have it our way and our way turns right. Well, i voted for Peter Kenneth [who after losing, i have never heard from him- maybe till election time again], & Jimnah Mbaru for governor [still vocal in twitter]. Also, it was my first time to vote, which makes it important for me being a youth in this country.

Going into election, am one of the few who had a problem with the president having an ICC case. To make it even more complicated, his running mate is also facing charges in the international court too. This definitely tainted our national image but so far so good. My main problem though with Uhuru Kenyatta wasn’t even ICC. This is a man who was born in state House, has the image of his dad in front of every Kenyan notes & coins and again doubles up as the top five richest man in Kenya. I just didn’t understand how a man who has never ‘struggled’ would understand the woes of guys who have grown from neighbourhoods with slums and serious hard ship. But since he gained the presidency, i can say i have been able to see his soft side and some how down to earth nature. I didn’t vote for him but along the way, he won my mind (heart is for women). But this turned out to be short lived.

The president gained popularity with the youths. He made us see him as a digital person who will spear head the growth of this country. Being a rich man himself, i believed that he will seriously fight corruption. Again, being a rich guy, i believed he would make decisions with little influence from advisers. And being digital, i believed my internet speed would go up from the slow kbps speed to mbps speeds but anyway!! Just like their slogan ‘I Believe’ i guess it’s now turning to ‘I’ll wait and see’.

I have to admit the president has to deal with the inherited baggage from previous governments. He is still positioned as the best person to change how this government would be governed and impact peoples lives, but so far he is failing. He has a better chance to unite all tribes and create an economic stable county, but all we have so far is plans, plans and more plans. Oh! And botched tenders.


Media wars
The disappointment on my face when i heard the president and his deputy say the daily papers are for wrapping up meat! He even went ahead to say he doesn’t read the papers. This is the man who is supposed to rule the county and be very informed but has no interest with the media. None whatsoever! That was a very strong statement he made seconded by his deputy. Which maybe explains why his advisers always lead him into making decisions.

You are worth billions of shillings. My God! How greedy can humans be? The president definitely doesn’t even touch his salary. Am totally convinced he has no interest in being corrupt. But what about the people around him? Is he able to stand up to them and chase them away from his party? Is he able to suspend a cabinet Secretary just because he has been mentioned in a corruption case? I don’t think so!! Why? He once stood on national Tv and said he knows those corruption perpetrators and will watch them. Wait!! What?? So the president himself is afraid of calling out names. How doomed are we?? All we here in the media are warnings and threats with zero action.
With the latest corruption story which has witch hunted us Kenyans for years, well, it’s back! Anglo-leasing. The government wants to pay faceless companies billions of shillings which you and me will fork out in form of taxes. Remember that time the president was the minister of finance? Yah! He lead a committee which was to deal with way forward on the Anglo leasing loss but till date, we have never heard of any recommendation from that committee. Is he telling us anything now? Nope! He has gone for a trip in Nigeria.

For insecurity, please see corruption above.
About terrorism; c’mon man, command all refugee camps closed. That’s it. We are done being good. Tanzania did it. When was the last time a terrorism attack happened there? There are Kenyan, Ugandan and Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia. Why is Kenya the only victim of the bombings?

We saw what happened with the former president Kibaki. He made appointments which kept being turned down because they didn’t follow the law. Some of his decisions sounded mediocre and even shameful and most of the time, we even didn’t remember we had a president because he was nowhere to be seen or heard. Mr. President, that is also catching up with you faster than you can imagine.

Sir, the best football coaches are the spectators. We see everything. Pay attention to words on the street. Don’t ignore the media. They only say what they hear from us people on the ground. Besides that, you can wake up tomorrow and decide you won’t hear any other corruption case again and it will be done. You can stand up and shout all refugee camps be closed and it will be done. You can champion for tighter laws governing the land and provide the best atmosphere for business. You can snap you fingers and decide to appoint a cabinet and public officers who represent the true face of a country with 42 tribes. You will acquire haters. So many of them, who are probably wealthy as you. But you will also acquire millions of support from the citizens who voted for you. Who made you make the big decisions on their behalf. At the end, you will turn millions of ordinary people to your new millionaire friends. It’s a tough choice. But until you decide on how your legacy will be, i guess will just hope for another saviour.

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