First of all, let me make a point very clear. Any business that profits from peoples miseries & desperation will always disgust me. Not matter how many people they employ, I will never stop feeling like there is another way to do what they do. And some of such businesses are mobile subscription services.

Personally, i find this companies to be worse off than drug dealers & here is why; Drug addicts start from personal choices. They are well aware of the addiction & side effects that comes with it. Be it peer pressure or stress, they convince themselves that it will just be one and that’s it. So, for the drug dealers, they just fulfill your newly created necessity. And maybe that’s why most sellers don’t use drugs themselves. It’s all about conscious personal choice. Thanks to Adam & Eve, humans are able to differentiate right or wrong and whatever they do with that knowledge is up to them. But that is different when someone is lying to you. In this case you are a victim. That is exactly what mobile subscription services do. Profiting from desperate people who mostly don’t understand technology and how it works. They just use it.

In Kenya, this companies make billions of shillings which is very evident with how many advertisements they have in all main stream TVs and even their airing time is during prime time which is between 6pm to 11pm every evening when people are from work and want to catch up with their favorite programs, then the prime time news. That’s when every twenty minutes, a commercial appears telling you to SMS YOUR NAME TO 4002 TO GET A JOB. SMS YOUR NAME TO 5201 AND FIND THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. SMS YOUR NAME TO 3456 TO KNOW THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME. Etc, etc. Bull crap!!! Bull crap!!! And more Bull crap. At this point, maybe I should admit that I didn’t understand the happenings of this companies until I worked for a major network company.

The business structure of this VAS (Value Added Services) is just probability. But you won’t know how it works till you try to beat the system. E.g: DO YOU WANT TO KNOWN THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME?? SMS TO 3456. Assume my name is JOHN, that is a common name. As a VAS company, i will come up with 4 lets say 3 different meanings of JOHN (but they can do more than 10 names depending on how easy it is. From this meaningless meanings, whenever you text to the number, you will get one of the four name meanings they come up with. Now, if you keep texting the same name, a point will come when you will exhaust all their options. If your name is John, your name is fucking JOHN!!! From the bible. Its a Christian name. What else do you want to know. What do you mean curiosity?? Get a unique name which they won’t be able to guess easily.

The worst of the subscription services are the ones which tell people to text for jobs. I am looking for a job which in Kenya probably means i am jobless & most likely broke. I have applied hundreds of jobs with no success. Using money i already don’t have, i seat in my empty house then i see an advert saying i just text to a certain number and I’ll be connected to possible employers. At the bottom of the screen, there are very tiny writings which i can’t see or read because they move too fast, which I’ll know in a few days time that i will be deducted shs 30 per day and get up to a possible 5 SMS per day. That’s  fucking 150shs enough to buy breakfast & supper for a day. The job postings are outdated, incomplete information & require me to make a phone call to inquire or visit a certain link to view the job.
Now, if this isn’t stealing, how exactly do you define “legal theft”?

Musicians who have their songs sold via downloads get less than 20% of the proceeds per download. Some cash goes to their best friends network providers while they retain the lion share. And you artists wonder again why we don’t buy your albums and yet they are ready for download through this thieves.

I can rant a whole book about this services but i feel i should just let it out there for you to make better choice on how to spend your precious shillings. This companies don’t help you like you think our expect. You will make them rich while you remain in the same spot or even more broke without even airtime to call because again unsubscribing from this services is a total nightmare.

How to avoid this vas companies;
1. Don’t fucking call or text them.
2. Don’t fucking key in your number any where while surfing the internet.
3. Don’t fucking go to your phone Sim card menu & choose anything that wants to give you info like weather, stocks or jobs.
4. If they force the service in your line (because they do) call your mobile service subscribers customer care & curse them to death until they unsubscribe that service for you, because they can. They are just advised not to remove them.

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