South Sudan. A failed state.

South Sudanese citizens wave their flags as they attend the Independence Day celebrations in the capital Juba

In the beginning;

A few years ago, the greater Sudan used to be a country of conflict. Since 1956, they have always been in a civil war having peace for only a period of 10 years between 1972 to 1983 after which, another civil war begun. The end of the war saw the breaking of Sudan into two countries, Republic of Sudan and the new country South Sudan coming to birth in 2011. Just 3 yrs ago. After this, Kenya as a neighbour thought it was all over. The international community saw light at the end of the tunnel and UN saw a free country. Well, there is the ICC issue where Albashir, the president of Sudan is wanted for crimes against humanity but that’s another thing.

The Rise;

After all this years of fighting, over 2 million people killed, we all knew the Sudanese themselves have had enough of the fighting. Upon attaining peace, it was about time they all went back home and started to rebuild their nation from scratch. Again the international community was ready to help with injecting the much needed funds for rebuilding. Many Kenyans went to the new country and setup businesses. Companies from the banking sector and Telcos spread their reach and employed people to work. Infrastructures were built, social joints opened, education system started to mature and all rebels got sucked in to the countries military. There was hope and all we Kenyans who wanted new opportunities wanted to go to South Sudan because word was, there was good money there. Some of the natives who lived in other countries begun to go back home and rebuild. The honey moon begun and ended faster than we had thought.

The beginning of fall back

A few months or years latter, stories started on how Kenyans were being mistreated in the country. The same people who helped in giving them peace were now being threatened in xenophobic attacks. Deaths were reported and others begun returning back home. I understand that’s how humans are. They are protective of their own and sometimes it turns out to be violent. But with the running away, the Sudanese who had lived in other countries and went back home also started to leave their own country in fear of blood shed. So, the end result is a country full of the original rebels who have known war all their life.


Now, the fall back;

Politics is the root of all evil in Africa. That wasn’t any different for south Sudan. The president Salvakir apparently had a fallout with his vice president. Everybody wants power. Everybody wants to control the resources. Mild fighting and killings were reported. The international community had already given up and Kenya becomes that friend with no option but to keep mediating in a broken relationship.



In the beginning of the civil war, one would have ruled the fight between north and south Sudan was religious since the north is predominant Islam and the south Christians. (This remind me why Nigeria also needs to split into two. We have had enough of them.) Right now though after the breakup, we hardly hear of anything going on in north Sudan. It’s like they sorted their differences and are slowly moving on. Apart from the one time they had an issue with the south trying to get the border of …. Where Oil is a factor. And again the issue about ICC. Apart from that, we rarely hear about north Sudan.
South Sudan on the other hand is busy fighting amongst themselves. All the 64 indeginous tribes are fighting amongst each other trying to get control of God knows what. And i think this proves my point that Christianity fails to unite people compared to Islam or any other religion. That’s a story of another day.

The problem

I’ll start by asking, who is left in south Sudan? People who haven’t had any type of formal education and warriors. That is the answer. On several occasions in my rounds clubbing, am always amazed with how many Sudanese are in the country. They drive big Chevrolet’s and BMW X 6s as i walk silently. I buy two sodas while the next table is full of unopened beers bought by the Sudanese. Our girls can’t even look at me twice because the guys in the dancefloor are apparently the Sudan’s president cousins, sons other other relatives dressed up in clothes worth thousands of dollars. So, while the president is protected in Sudan, his whole family is in Nairobi spending money which they could have otherwise invested or spent back home.
Back home, it’s one massacre after another. Tribes are fighting each other, politicians are bickering and making choices in Nairobi which is miles from home. Xenophobia continues and foreigners are running away. Nobody knows the problems more than the locals. But who is there to listen to their cries??

The solution;

At this point, i still stand with what i said. South Sudan will remain to be a failed state. Am not a Sudanese but i feel for the country. I have had a few Sudanese friends and i know what they must feel when they watch their home burn in the media. The international bodies have shown no interest in helping them. When your parents keep fighting at home, you can’t solve the problem by coming to my house and letting me host you while you think of how to help them. As the children, you must be ready to go to that war house and try sold the problem from there. I can only do as much as i can by letting you sleep I’m my house but for how long do you think i will be comfortable having you? As Kenyans, i think i speak for most of them, it’s time you went back home and rebuild you country. The degrees and phds you have acquired will better help the warriors back home gain knowledge, logic and voice of reason. They will drop the guns and pick the Axe to clear roads. Drop the magazines and pick cement to build new buildings. But when all of you are running to other countries, i guess you are the main problem. Rwanda did it, sierra Leone, senegal and other African countries which were once full of war. Look at Angola and South Africa today. It’s about time you did the same for your country.

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