We are late in the war on terrorism but…..

Now, am not a government official neither do i hold any post in any political ring or any NGO anywhere. Am just a guy who the government refers to as the common mwananchi. So whatever am writing is probably baseless & I cant have ways to prove certain things, but one thing I am sure is, the war on terrorism was lost long before it even started.

One thing why the government should take me seriously though is because, Me & other common wananchi have more knowledge of what is going on in the ground of this country than most of the government officials who pass policies. The policiy makers live in suburbs & gated communities where they probably dont even know their neighboughs. we on the other hand, leave in appartments & rentals with some flats having as many as 50 families.

While the policy makers want us to start Nyumba Kumi initiative to reduce insecurity, my neighbour is moving out & two days from now, am sure Ill have a new neighbour. Ill probably never see them because our time clash & so if the neighbour moving in right now in the ground floor is a thief or a terrorist, I dont know because I dont think i have enough time to be tracking people coming in or out of where I leave. Sad to say but, God protects my house….I guess….apart from that one time my housse was brocken into & robbed by people I know…but thats a different story.

Piracy in the shores of Somalia have existed for quite a long time but just a few years back is when it came to the global lime light. Well, I was just in college & I didn’t care much about what was happening on the sea waters because I didn’t feel threatened in any way. With all the piracy happening, one thing I discovered though was how first development was catching on in Eastleigh & other parts of Nairobi. Lets call a spade a spade. Fact is, just during the peak of piracy, very many expensive shopping malls sprung up all of a sudden. In Eastleigh, buildings were being bought & renovated. Clubs in town were being bought too, a few weeks, reopened under new management. Well, it could have been just a very big coincidence OR the pirate money was funding all this projects. What followed years latter was a series of bombs being hauled all over the place. All this time, we had no problems with Somalia or the Alshabaab to be specific. And then Westgate Mall bombing happened. Man!! We were late.

Troops Advance during Anti-Shabaab Operation i...

Troops Advance during Anti-Shabaab Operation in Somalia (Photo credit: United Nations Photo)

Our porous borders had already been infiltrated bu the insurgents, the Alshabaab had already acquired fake National IDs & bought houses in our city thanks to our very sophisticated level of Corruption. They had been around long enough to climb ranks in our mosques & get top cleric & Sheik positions. They had funded us jobless youths to convert to Islam & be turned to radical Islam being tought killing is good which is far from real Islam. Then, & just then, when a Kenyan from Kayole was arrested in a state function in Nyayo stadium ready to blow up, thats when the government woke up & realized they are already late.

The military run to Somalia to push away the alshabaab from our borders but the enemy was already within us & taking our youths for further military training (because joining the Kenyan military is already harder than getting a US visa). The goverment was desparate to act & attack people who already made millions of dollars in piracy at its peak enough to corrupt a whole government ministry right from the janitor to the minister.

Well, right now the goverment is trying its best to contain the problem which it already started. Arresting people all around & returing us to the dark colonial ages of Kipande. I have been a victim. nearly being arrested because I didnt carry my ID & yet i was going to a shop lesss than 50 metres from my house to buy supper. Eastleigh to me right now is a NO GO ZONE. I wont even think about it. Yes, am a Kenyan but am very afraid of visiting a part of my country. Very many baseless claims by the government to justify their action & yet someone somewhere, in his house is making a fuel bomb to throw in a church or a hotel in a few days time.

They say, never complain if you don’t suggest a solution. My solution is simple & inform of questions. 1: 2 years with our military in Somalia, if they say it is now safe, why don’t they close all those refugee camps & tell the natives to go back home & rebuild their country. 2: All those illegal aliens, are they being deported? 3: When will the corruption end because it is the root of all our problems & 4: Why don’t you employ me. At least ill make sense more than Ole Lenku despite my no experience in security matters.

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