The golden Music Days

Them Mushrooms

While I write this, the song playing in the background is Sina Makosa by Les Wanyika. Am trying very hard not to pay attention to the beats of the perfectly blended drums & keyboard playing. Am struggling to restrict my mouth from following through the lyrics…”na sema sina makosaa eehh….” Oops!! I just couldn’t resist that part. Perfect music by a perfect artist creating good harmony thus a perfect song that will never ever expire. Oh how I wish those golden days could just come back even for a year.

For a 23yr old, I must be one of the weirdest youngster around. I love dance-hall & dub-step & trance & hip-hop & rock…. wait! that’s almost everything. the problem with all this songs is that they are as seasonal as they sound. I will listen to this for a few months & then a hit pop song comes up & we all migrate from trance to pop & latter on to dance hall. we like have no specific music which you can say that’s your favorite. but why is that so? According to me, its because they are just too noisy & don’t create any lasting impression.

Why do songs from Bob Marley & Elvis Presley hit till today? Why do long time hip hop heads like Tupac & Biggy still blast our speakers? why cant we accept that Michael Jackson is dead & we move on? It just cant happen & wont happen. At least not in our lifetime. But what exactly made this music of the ages so great? Well, the answer is only one. Live band music production & simplicity in beats mastering. The days when Dre was DR. DRE & not a headphone.

Nowadays, creating a beat is as easy as fruity loops & digital stuff. you don’t have to struggle to be creative. just click on the keyboard like you are typing & voila! A beat has been born. Now go back to Bob Marley. The Wailers had to put hours of practice everyday to make sure their beats are perfect & match the song. they had to make sure all the keys are right. they had to roll a blunt & meditate to the most High & when they get on stage, they just did their thing live like theirs no tomorrow. & then there’s the modern hip-hop or dance hall. Artists gets on stage & shouts, “DJ give me the beat” at that point a cd is put to play. Total Madness. I mean. I bought your albums I can as well just listen to them in the house. The musicians have become lazy performing only a couple of songs the whole night while producers just recycling their own beats by changing a key. Its boring & doesn’t last.

The music nowadays worships sex, drugs & money. Unless you sing about the three, you aint going anywhere with your wisdom. Back to my Kenyan artists, the music playing now is Mtoto si Nguo by Them Mushrooms. a story about how you cant rent your kid to someone else. once you get a kid, its your responsibility to take care of it. The beat, though some vinyl distortion, its relaxing interesting & with a 5.1 surround speaker, you feel like you are watching a live band with each instrument very well separated. The days of Les Wannyika, Freshly Mwamburi, Samba Mapangala, Fundi Konde, Gabriel Omolo, Fadhili Williams among others. The days music was played in kiswahili despite the country having 42 tribes. Unity in clubs & every body could shake his waist to Twist by Daudi Kabaka. I was too young to care about those music those days but I couldn’t fail to see a smile on my mum when a taarab song was playing or a base sing a long from my dad to the beats of Baraka Mwinsheshe. It was fun & everybody loved the music.

To the Kenyan dot com ladies reading this, they might see me as a very old school lad with no taste but believe me, your dad would love me more & want me to marry you than your crunk listening boyfriend right now.

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