Gayism in Africa – (My contradicting opinion)


First things first, its illegal almost everywhere except South Africa. You get to be locked up at least 10 yrs in jail.

We live in the 21st century. A time when privacy is a piped dream. The age of internet where information is everywhere and opinions are expressed more openly. Immorality is no longer a concern coz sex sells throughout all medias whether print or digital but with all that, we Africans still find it hard to adjust in matters of sexuality.

A few years back when AIDS was threatening people and stigma was everywhere, African parents still couldn’t sit down with their kids and lecture them about safe sex or abstinence. It was like a taboo discussion and a very uncomfortable one. But you cant blame that on them. Their parents used to be miles apart as kids. Boys and girls had their own separate places and only interacted during special events. Gays were unheard of and for those who were found were cast out of the society as a way of punishment which is just like modern day life imprisonment. That’s how our grandfather’s grew up, that’s how our parents grew up and that’s how we were brought up until internet & technology changed us.

To Africans, gayism is a western culture. For those who are amongst us, they prefer to stay in secrecy, never want to be known for that might end up even with murder.

I live in Nairobi. One of the most free and open cities in Africa. People are more open minded thanks to vast development over the years. With that, it means this city is a multi racial city with many cultures and traditions. Many times I have been clubbing and seen gay people hang around the clubs. I see them while doing my errands within the city. They openly meet in malls and social joints. With the most recent silence break by columnist Binyavanga, people have talked but the story is dying down as first as it come. As much as gayism is also illegal in Kenya, he hasn’t been arrested. Personally, I know of greats like Tim Cooks, Apple inc CEO who can also be called the worlds most powerful CEO. I know of Anderson cooper, CNN anchor, who i mostly watch his show Anderson 360. The famous Banny of How i met ur mother tv series, Ben Afflek…..etc, etc. Yes. They are gay. I like what they do. So, do i hate gays? No. Do i support gayism? No. Do i encourage gays to openly declare their status? No. What do I want? To mind my own business. am not going to stop using apple products coz their CEO is gay or not watch movies like Batman coz Ben Afleck will be in it. I prefer having the peace of mind of not involving a personality when in character. So, i simply ignore and that’s what i think we Africans need to start doing. The only problem I have with gays is all the talk about coming out. what does that even mean? straight people don’t come out. Do your thing but don’t force it on us because again I don’t want my future kid growing asking me questions like “who are gays?” coz he sees them coming out in tv everyday. he might start thinking its a new trend & decide trying whats not in him.

Uganda recently signed to law illegalizing of gays in their country same to Zimbabwe. it has led to world wide uproar from the west & some even threatening to stop donor support. Am yet to understand how donating books to a school relates to gays in the country. Western countries have to just admit the days of slavery are long gone & such blackmails & threats are uncalled for. How someone wants to run his house shouldn’t be of concern to a neighbour. We are Africans. We will not go easy on such cultures. But on a more personal level, again, I don’t really care. If you are gay, live life, live large. Just don’t approach me or knock my day telling me to sign a petition for your issues. I don’t see hermaphrodites or heterosexuals complain. I agree to remain contradicting in my stand depending on the approaches you take.

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