The humble looter- Pro Westgate Mall Terrorism


We have all suffered great losses after the terrorism attack on Westgate mall in Nairobi parklands. Lives lost, psychological tremor to victims, hundreds injured, countries dignity shaken, property worth millions lost, destroyed & stolen. All conspiracy theories aside regarding hostages or whether the terrorists all escaped, it doesn’t change the simple fact that we have been attacked &  we are mourning. RIP to the lost lives, quick recovery to the injured & for those who lost property & won’t be compensated because they didn’t have terrorism insurance, take heart & hope for blessings or sue the govt for negligence.

Right now, this moment, I’d really love to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If it was three months ago before the VAT bill was passed, I could have gotten it for the already expensive 65000 after one year of serious hustling & struggling & by then a Note 4 would be out. With the new bill which imposes tax on electronics & phones, the note 3 will for sure be priced at around 80- 90k. That’s $ 1000. Now, assuming I am a soldier, holding a G 3 gun standing next to a Samsung shop in Westgate after rescuing several people, tell me how easy it will be for me to resist the temptation of just picking one phone & assume Kenya paid me & now am ready to die knowing I at least owned a note 3 for a few hours? That is crazy? I think selling my kidney is crazier.

KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) have become the victims of very sharp criticism & re-branded thieves. Casinos were cleaned of their money, jewelry shops were wiped of their gold chains. It is morally wrong but before I lift a finger & start accusing them, i prefer taking a step back & get the motivation factor that made them do that. Was it group thinking? Did someone just come up with the idea and decided they robe the place? While they left their barracks, had they planned to do exactly that besides saving peoples lives? Is it just simple greed? Is it maybe they are under paid and such an opportunity is just too hard to let go off?? So many questions with very few answers.


One thing that is for sure is that, almost any Kenyan given a chance will be a looter. More than 60% live in foot to mouth situations. We almost cant save because there is nothing to save. More than 60% of the youths are jobless & survive from simple casual jobs if not stealing or turning to be beggars. The Westgate siege isn’t the first place we have heard people looting. In the middle of the post election violence in 2008, groups of people raided local shops & swept them clean of anything they hard. During the 1982 attempted government coupe, people run to shops & broke in to steal whatever they could get their hands on. Whenever there is a riot or strike anywhere even from University students, looting has always been the first thing that takes place. We call it finding something positive out of already a worse situation. Looting has been too much in us to the extent when the nakumatt supermarket that was in town burnt down, all fire exits were closed to prevent people from stealing things & instead vacate using one entrance, & the result was several casualties. Are we to blame the supermarket owners for their actions? All they wanted was to reduce their loses even though in an unethical way….trying to avoid an unethical action from taking place.

Blame the KDF for what they did but before that, think deeply of yourself in the same situation & what you would have done. For one, most of those shops have insurance from theft & they will be compensated because that might be seen differently from terrorism from the insurance side. And what is that story of people being mistreated by Indian employers? Oh! Remember the racism story in ArtCaffe joint from a few months ago where we Africans could seat for longer time before being served while the foreigners got attention immediately? And then you want to blame a KDF guy because he took a coffee maker machine home….which he “stole” from the racists??

The culture is deep in our system from the Government down to the last child born a second ago & solving it starts from the same government up, down to us. What the KDF did (if they accept that some looted that is) is wrong. The same way we want to take action in punishing the victims is the same dedication we need to put in making sure our lives are enriched & such poor depressed behaviors leave our society.

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