nairobi-night Nairobi @ night.

I have lived all my life in Nairobi. The capital city of Kenya. I know all the corners, estates, dark places, malls, good places. Literally, all parts of the city. I know almost all roads & can tell you if a route I have passed before has got a new bump or pothole. I have traveled all parts of the country but whenever I think of settling elsewhere, I still come back to Nairobi & it has become boring.

I have lived to see the city center move from being a dump site to the clean city it is today. If you remember well, outside the temple Siri guru Singh saba, there used to be a large pit of waste with so many street boys you could be mugged in broad day light & nobody even take notice of you. I have lived to see the number of beggars & street boys be on the decline. Roads renovated, buildings sprouting & going higher than before. Malls forming, thousands of businesses being opened. Order being restored on the roads with public vehicles. I have seen trees grow over time & being maintained. Old buildings that are landmarks like KICC being changed from political fighting places to tourists destinations. Parks within the town center being transformed to safe places you can go seat & just enjoy the cool breeze. It has been a wonderful transformation just sitting & looking back. It has been a long way coming & finally we can say we’ve made it.

Outside Nairobi, it’s the complete opposite of what this town is. Everywhere you go still feels like a village. The only town you can say is okay is Mombasa. This is because it’s a tourist destination & therefore like Nairobi, has mixed communities & the development is growing fast. Kenya has only three major towns namely Nairobi, Kisumu & Mombasa. The rest of the country is divided into small towns with local people speaking their own language. Taking a trip to machakos Town, you won’t feel like you are in a town. Everybody is speaking Kamba & automatically you feel like a stranger if you don’t know that tribe or you feel at home if you are a Kamba.  Of the three major towns, Nairobi & Mombasa are the ones you can say are well balanced ethnically because Kisumu also feels home to people of the Luo community.

After years of living in Nairobi, all that I have been longing for since I quit my job & be a freelancer is to work outside this town. It’s full of vehicle smoke pollution. It’s overpopulated with limited & expensive housing. Food products are expensive. Getting parking in the town center is like a war & it is very expensive. Walking along the streets, you go on knocking people around & unlucky you if you get knocked down to the ground because you won’t even hear a sorry. Getting jobs which is what people are looking for is turning to be a dream you wish could come true. For entrepreneurs who want to open a business, getting a spot is a night mare. Corruption is the order of the day if you want any progress.  Nairobi has turned to a bee hive of activity & honestly, I want to move out.

Crowded street market scene in the Majengo district of Nairobi, Kenya.

But where can I go to?? That’s the question that rings in my brain. Mombasa isn’t any much different from Nairobi. Kisumu being a town is still under developed. Any other town that comes on my head, I still have the fear of feeling excluded because people are speaking in their own tribes which I don’t know. Everybody in those towns are also busy looking for a chance to come to Nairobi & start a new life. There are no companies to work for & for the few that are there, to get a vacancy is like mining gold because it is locals first then foreigners. Everybody is moving central while we Nairobians want to move outside to places where buying food is cheap & fresh. Where we don’t have to knock on people. Where we can get to breath in fresh air & lower the chances of lung cancer from the smoke everywhere. I want to party outside Nairobi & buss moves in a less crowded place. Most of all, I want the regional ethnical imbalance to end.

So, Dear Government, Nairobi is full.


Take the developments elsewhere. I feel like we already have everything. Internet is average, mobile reception is full, transport is improving, health care is available…almost everything. Shift the focus outside. Build multimillion malls outside. Build, large referral hospitals. Build towers & take your ministries outside. Yes it’s a big risk but believe me, so many of us will move out of Nairobi. People in the country will start looking for job in other counties & Nairobi being their last option. The tribal imbalance will turn around. Development will be up, millions of jobs will be created & the Vision 2030 dream to turn our country into a middle income country & no longer a third world will be realized.


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