Texting is annoying. Pick up a phone & call


Okay. Today am just going to do a personal tirade of something I have grown to hate. I might be one in a million (which makes me special) but let me just spill it. Am talking on behalf of the millions out there like me. No matter the situation we are in, we just hate it. It’s the most preferred way of communicating but still we are the few who go old school. Well, I hate texting. Yes. Just that.

Current technological advancements have been so much to us to the extent that it has overshadowed some old habits like keeping in touch with people in the real world. We have moved from planning meet ups with friends to just sending pictures & texting or chatting through social media. It’s a good thing. A very cost effective measure too but to hell with all the advantages. I still hate it.

Am a technology enthusiast which means I like adopting a new technology waaaaaay before anyone else knows what it is. I joined Facebook in 2007 & it became very popular from 2009 onwards. I have been in all dating sites & visited almost all porn sites in existence. But with everything with a beginning, there’s an end. I became fond of them & I became bored. Plain & simple. I tweet a lot because I still find twitter interesting. I have turned Facebook to a marketing tool & rarely bother with what people are talking or writing about. I use emails for emails only. I use whatsapp for trying to get in touch with a customer (since all customers nowadays want you to inbox them in whatsapp. WHY???) The problem of adopting something early is you get bored. & with that, my interest for typing is very much on the low. Voice commands don’t work that well maybe they could have convinced me to be replying to messages.

It’s so worse it has put me into more trouble than good. Am the type you send an sms, I’ll read it & forget about it. It can take me 2 days for me to reply. Screw you if you think that’s rude. But this habit didn’t just come from nowhere. When I used to be active in texting, nobody used to bother with it. I became frustrated waiting for hours for someone to reply. I joined whatsapp & scanned my phonebook & had very few people using it. Chatting with them took days before they logged in again to get the message. I joined viber when it launched & my phone book had NO ONE registered. I was an Island trying to tell people stories of the city. It didn’t work. I got bored. I left. Whether it’s a new girl am trying to seduce or an old girlfriend or buddy, I don’t treat them any different. Hours before I reply. Live with it. Appreciate the man who I am kindly with issues.

On the good side, am in to old habits. Send me a text, if it’s worth replying, I do. If it’s not, I’ll ignore it as usual. If it’s worth considering, I call back. In fact, I almost always call back to messages. Easier, faster & most importantly, I don’t have to press multiple keys. I can tell the voice of almost all the people in my phone book even if they called with a different number. It makes me able to connect with a person easily & truly compared to texting where we are all behind a mask. I get what I want fast because in any call, time is of essence unlike texting where we still have to go round & pretend to exchange pleasantries which we both don’t care about. I guess that’s a good example that the universe is not fair to everyone.

And that’s my story.

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