Yes!! I have said it. Haul all the criticism, hate & bible verses to me but I won’t withdraw my statement. I hate the industry with a passion. So deep the devil is about to contact me just to tell me to calm down. Looking back, I don’t regret it at all. The industry is a mess with nobody willing to clean it because even the pastors who are supposed to be the shepherds have fallen for the hypocrisy. Scenario: Someone comes up with a gospel hit song, goes to church, Pastor introduces him as new follower of the church, fans see that, all fans join the church= Increased offering. Perfect.

I remember those days on weekends we could seat as a family & unwillingly listen to choirs from Tanzania. Organized singing with the gospel hitting you heard even without ur consent. Long are those days of Mwikhulu byRoughtone, Manzi wa maana by Henry Mutuku (remember her?) Gospel songs that till date still play in my brain & the message so clear. But the industry was very young at that time. To break though the music industry, you had to go secular. We were all so deep in choir things that someone singing was just odd.


But then the gospel guys realized to close the gap, they had to emulate the current trends. Reggae music has by far been the most popular genre of music in Kenya. It still is with the Riddim frenzy right now. Gospel artists started producing songs with reggae beats. They gained recognition so fast & they even became club bangers. The society started accepting this new style slowly. Remember OMG song- Don’t let him go? The beats are from a Riddim called Diwali Riddim- 2002 (Yes, am a strong riddim guy.) The song hit everywhere. Other music types followed & even recent artists like Juliani & Dj Sadic adopted the style trying to take a small break from the hip-hop scene with their hit song Pages za Bible from the riddim Electric Boogie Riddim- 2003…. & the trend continued & still continues. And that’s where my discomfort with Gospel begun.

When it comes to religion, I prefer old school. Once in a while I go to Anglican Church. I prefer reading the prayer book & singing from the golden bells. I hate keshas & all those new things churches try to invent in this age. Back then, I could leave church, go home & wait for 1PM. At exactly 2PM I was at the entrance of F2- (Florida 2000) club ready for the Jam session till very late in the evening. Dancing to all kind of music & tapping ass as they passed by. It was the trend & it was fun. But whenever they played a gospel song in the club, I started being uncomfortable. I found it disrespectful to the church & just out of place. I hated it.

This is 2013. Gospel songs still play in clubs like never before. Gospel artists are rising to be the most paying artists. The gospel scene is the most lucrative with everyone who wants to be a musician releasing a gospel song first. They dress like fagots & prostitute more than evil guys do. On Sunday, they grace our Tv with songs we dont know what they mean proclaiming salvation. On Friday, we seat together chewing Miraa & smoking Shisha. On Saturday, we both patrol the streets of Koinange looking for dat-ass. On Sunday, its salvation all over again. It has reached the extent that some of them are said to be Illuminati members. Some are said to be perverts with love of soliciting sex from girls. As usual when asked, either it is a hater spreading rumors, or sponsors funding their videos & lifestyles none we know of, or after being found to be soliciting for sex, their phones were hacked or it was their doppelganger. It’s all messed up & I HATE IT. Be evil & move on or be religious & stick to it. Hanging in between is worse because you drag many followers with you. Did you know on Sundays nowadays there is a club that plays only gospel. Yap!! It’s called Club Entyce & the show is club 360. Pass there on Sunday afternoon & look at the people going & tell me which gospel people listen to in there. It’s all Fucked up & that’s the most Fucked up idea I have ever heard.

I can go on with this forever. Secular artists are crossing to the Gospel side faster. Business is booming which is good for the economy but the end result is that it leaves our morals in tatters. We can no longer differentiate holy from sin. Good from bad. Acceptable to limits. It’s one circle of lost generation & we are all caught up in it. All I can say is, God give us redemption.

I had to fix this here:

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