Governor Kidero apologizes for his actions

After the showdown that took place 2 days ago where Nairobi Governor “killed a mosquito ” on the face of Nairobi Women Representative Shebesh, he has been able to offer a public apology. He termed the incident as an act of aggression. Indeed it showed a side of him  we the public have never seen or known to exist since he looks like one well soft spoken man.


On Shebesh side, we expect to see her storming another persons office soon enough but this time she will be careful. A while a go rumor was that Ferdinand Waititu once punched her on the face after she accused him of pocketing money belonging to their political party TNA. My stand on the issue though doesn’t change that he didn’t have the right to slap him neither does any man anywhere need to do the same.

Here is the press statement issued by City council:

  166273463 Press Release Regarding the Incident at City Hall Yesterday by Alex Maina

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