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Celebration of life


I haven’t had the best life neither have I had the worst either. sometimes, sitting back and thinking of it all is all you need to realize what you have been through and what will possibly come. Just like goals and targets, we can always set them and do our best to attain them but never have guarantees ourselves that we will achieve them. its the uncertainties we get to face everyday and they make us want to loose hope and give up but staying strong is all we got. Read the rest of this entry


nairobi-night Nairobi @ night.

I have lived all my life in Nairobi. The capital city of Kenya. I know all the corners, estates, dark places, malls, good places. Literally, all parts of the city. I know almost all roads & can tell you if a route I have passed before has got a new bump or pothole. I have traveled all parts of the country but whenever I think of settling elsewhere, I still come back to Nairobi & it has become boring. Read the rest of this entry

Aquifer Water Wars, Oil wars? Focus in Northern Kenya


They say that Africa is the next big economy but the truth is, most of us Africans don’t know that yet or even what it means in the first place. We live in countries with vast opportunities we don’t exploit. Minerals, fertile lands, man power, good climate but we still wallow in the light of massive corruption, mismanagement & escapism. We keep planning & that’s almost all we do. Plan & plan & plaaannnn….. Until before we know it, whatever project we were to do stalled a long time ago & the funds that were to be used gone & forgotten. And that’s why am skeptical of the latest aquifer discovered in my beloved country Kenya. Read the rest of this entry

Texting is annoying. Pick up a phone & call


Okay. Today am just going to do a personal tirade of something I have grown to hate. I might be one in a million (which makes me special) but let me just spill it. Am talking on behalf of the millions out there like me. No matter the situation we are in, we just hate it. It’s the most preferred way of communicating but still we are the few who go old school. Well, I hate texting. Yes. Just that. Read the rest of this entry

Bachelor’s party (Vanity Card 7)


I hate weddings….. & funerals. In both, someone is dead anyway just that in weddings, one is partially dead. If you invite me to your wedding, there’s 95% chance am not interested in attending even a bit. 4% is that am bored, lonely & very single n ill just want to come meet a beautiful chick with fake hair & make up who envies the married couples & I will be interested in giving her hope that her day is coming & all that deceiving but latter hook up to make my day & that’s it.1% is that am forced to attend to maybe save a friendship or an eminent family war. Read the rest of this entry



Yes!! I have said it. Haul all the criticism, hate & bible verses to me but I won’t withdraw my statement. I hate the industry with a passion. So deep the devil is about to contact me just to tell me to calm down. Looking back, I don’t regret it at all. The industry is a mess with nobody willing to clean it because even the pastors who are supposed to be the shepherds have fallen for the hypocrisy. Scenario: Someone comes up with a gospel hit song, goes to church, Pastor introduces him as new follower of the church, fans see that, all fans join the church= Increased offering. Perfect. Read the rest of this entry


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Wellcome to my blog my name is Beth i live in Wales in the UK its full of green grass and lots of hill oh and sheep haha.i wanted to start a blog so i could write about my life , my journey on finding my self , my kids and anything that is on my mind which could be anything from make up , men , chocolate ANYTHING. I suppose its sort of like a dairy.i dont get to spent as much time as i would like on here but starting from today i am going to make the time even if its for just 10 small moments

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