The root of all world problems. From the beginning of the world. The Adam and Eve thing. Or whoever was first. Instead of uniting us together, it separates us. Instead of appreciating us, it condemns us. Instead of guiding us, it commands us. It calls us names,like snakes, serpents and sheep. It monopolizes our thinking. It turns us into extremists with unorthodox practices. It makes us afraid of the unidentified.It keeps us struggling to be conscious and maintain morals. Look up to the sky,bow down, light candles, and look in a particular direction, cry, and feel sad,all for just making an apology. It makes us discriminate each other. It makes us less appreciative to the other person’s belief.

It makes us think our beliefs the correct one. It classifies others as devils, and yet teaches us we are all of the same liking. It’s everywhere.It’s what is controlling this world. It’s what is making us divided into half.It’s irrepressible as much as it is unreachable and UN-understandable…. Wait!!It proscribes us from arguing with it neither exploring it. You can feel it.You can see it in action. You can hear it. Yes. It’s omnipresent, omnipotent,and sagacious. It’s the supreme of human thinking. It has existed for more than we can remember. Since the beginning of humanity. Its cant die. It just changes its shape as its teachings are adjusted. It’s the rule of the land in every human. It’s simple. It’s called religion.


You are already condemning me for this. You see? That’s what I am talking about. And now you think am a devil too. Discourteous to you religion or without care to what you believe in. you see me as a person sent to divide. The false prophet. A person who shouldn’t have audience with people from anywhere since I am like a disease. A misplaced charismatic writer. A scientist wannabe.A person without the fear of the evil in my mind or writing. That’s all this is about. It’s not about the religion. It’s not about the world. It’s not about me! It’s about YOU. Yah! You the believer. You hadn’t seen this coming, right!You are doing the religion all wrong.


You forget you are an individual as I am and as anybody else is. You forget we all have different freedoms. Wait! You forget we are different and don’t look alike. From hair to skin colour. You forget I am as independent as you are. As wise or as evil as you are or as can be. Most important, you forget I have my own believes. Why not stick to yours. Don’t be jealous of me, or my way of doing things. Remember you are also free you can join me, or if I want,I can join you. Why get troubled with what I do or believe and yet I am not hurting you neither your people? Why condemn me kowtowing to the moon or a cow?The same way you see it weird with what I do, is the same way I see it weird with you bowing before the sun. Don’t condemn me praying with skulls around me.Scary you say. Its also scary you kneeling before a guy stabbed in the chest with nails on his hands…and thorns and blood…..


That’s how it is. Believe in yours. Be at peace. I’ll believe in mine. I’ll be at peace. Let it end there please. Let’s meet and talk of nothing and laugh at everything. Let the scientists continue searching for the source of life. Whether they believe in it or not. It’s their God given choice. We all pray to a supreme being we have never seen but believe in. we don’t ask questions because we can’t get answers. We are all equal in this world with nobody having a direct gateway to heaven, hell or even reincarnation. It’s a complex thing within us. We rarely bother to learn how our hands coordinate,because its part of us. Bothering with another person’s religion is like bothering with another persons walking style. It’s so intertwined in our body that it can’t even explain itself. But here we are we live in the same planet. That’ show that our religions want us to leave. With our differences, we are all human. After all, who told you your religion or mine is the correct one? Food for thought.


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