Screw the Modern Church (card 3)


As prophesied in the bible, the word of God will spread like bush fire to all corners of the world and many will still not hear….. (Not the exact words cz I cant remember the book or chapter). And the prophesy can now be witnessed by the many tiny offering minting profit making NGOS. Oh! You call them churches. But seriously……..

Being “Saved” is like the new thing everywhere used by people of all walks of life to get (my opinion) respect and acknowledgement, and more of recognition. Be it from the main churches like Anglican and catholic to the upcoming fingers and legs of whoever & the mysterious Boboshantis (Lejos) proclaiming salvation.

I happened to get saved when in high school for three months and used to go on leave during the holidays just to pick it when schools opened. I realized how much of a hypocrite I was and decided to take the negative. God forgive me at least to be able to consolidate my interests and gather my spiritual life and have a stand.So presently, am just a man, with no church (thanks to my pastor who preached politics during 2007 elections and even during the time of Post Election Violence.)

Anyway, as I was saying, we Kenyans are Christians in disguise. We preach water and not even drink wine but ‘changaa.’ Right from our parents who always praise God and never miss church. In the outside, they are church leaders, but in the inside,they really don’t care about the church. It’s a competition amongst them and other families. They don’t want to feel left out nor the evil ones. They go to church to compete and showcase their might in harambees and other functions.Its all for the recognition.  The youths have followed suite. They want to do as their parents do. To them, church is a must attend after all there is no where else they would go in that morning (we would meet later in the afternoon jam session at F2 or whichever club). Due to the church influence, the youths will also claim to be the, yet we drink the same bitter colored water and jump up to the same beats in a Nairobi club somewhere. Hey, I don’t know how saved people should behave but according to my little understanding of the bible, which I still glance at, seriously,Kenyans need to change. Change God can believe in.

The youths together with their family nowadays have grand entries into churches. I once attended a church which I immediately felt out of place. I was standing outside, then I saw this Mercedes Benz S-class get into the church compound slowly. People seemed to even not recognize it…..they are used to that. Several range rovers and BMWs were packed in the compound. But this Benz attracted me most. It came to a halt and all the doors opened at once. Like a movie, I saw black shoes on the ground first, then the family came out. Parents and three kids. All dressed in white. Now that confirmed that wasn’t my place at all. They alighted from the car and walked slowly as they entered the church. I was curious I thought they were the pastor and wife and maybe some usher boys……I was wrong. They had their reserved seat in the front of the church on the second row from the front. My friend, who had invited me to that church told me that was their reserved seat. If they were absent, mostly it was vacant and the whole church new. In that front lane, there were several seats which families have been used to sitting till they were taken as reserved. They are the families which contributed tangible offerings too. So I shouldn’t complain.That day, was the day I had contributed the highest amount in offering. I contributed 50bob. That was a lot compared to my church where I was used to throwing in 10 or 20 shilling coin on a day I saw a blessing was coming my way. I didn’t contribute the 50 shilling at will. I have to admit. While the offering bag was going round, I felt the bag was quite light. I faked some movements and knocked it from below just to realize there was almost no coin in that bag. There was no way I could throw my planned 10 shillings then. I put 50bob and couldn’t eat popcorn after the service that day. For the record, I have never gone back to that church despite the many invitations I get from different friends. It is that popular!! Attended with politicians, media guys and almost all artists.

So here I sit as a pagan but with a honest hurt free of quilt. I do my routine prayers everyday. Thank you God, when I wake up, praying before I eat & Thank you God for the day before I sleep. It’s my own little church that gives me comfort than be seated amongst pretenders & hundreds without any focus.


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