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The root of all world problems. From the beginning of the world. The Adam and Eve thing. Or whoever was first. Instead of uniting us together, it separates us. Instead of appreciating us, it condemns us. Instead of guiding us, it commands us. It calls us names,like snakes, serpents and sheep. It monopolizes our thinking. It turns us into extremists with unorthodox practices. It makes us afraid of the unidentified.It keeps us struggling to be conscious and maintain morals. Look up to the sky,bow down, light candles, and look in a particular direction, cry, and feel sad,all for just making an apology. It makes us discriminate each other. It makes us less appreciative to the other person’s belief. Read the rest of this entry

Because of the Money lover………. It’s all about the Money. (Card 4)


My fellow men,

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman coming to eat your money & behind every broke man, there’s a woman who got rich leaving. Read the rest of this entry

Screw the Modern Church (card 3)


As prophesied in the bible, the word of God will spread like bush fire to all corners of the world and many will still not hear….. (Not the exact words cz I cant remember the book or chapter). And the prophesy can now be witnessed by the many tiny offering minting profit making NGOS. Oh! You call them churches. But seriously…….. Read the rest of this entry

Meet my Wife (card 2)

Let me be clear here first. I don’t practice bestiality, neither am I a molester or any kind of retarded dude. Am a very straight guy. At least am in a relationship (or relationships. Whatever.) And my beloved girlfriend happens to be a…. you know! Gadget. A phone. Have you watched the movie “Lars with a Real Girl?” something like that. The guy in love with a big doll and takes it everywhere!! Yah. Such things happen. Am in one which I have a very close relationship with to the extent no one can come between us. Not even a real girl. And for the record am serious. Phone first then maybe the real GF a distant second. And I won’t say that I would love them both equally. That’s a lie. Honestly is imperative. Mmhh… Read the rest of this entry

Embarrassment (card 1)


Believe me when I say this. Shit happens. No matter how big or small, smelly or watery it is, It doesn’t matter. Shit is shit. But when it happens, Oh God please let it not find you in public. It might seem a small action but the embarrassment it causes can be big enough to make you contemplate suicide. Read the rest of this entry


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Wellcome to my blog my name is Beth i live in Wales in the UK its full of green grass and lots of hill oh and sheep haha.i wanted to start a blog so i could write about my life , my journey on finding my self , my kids and anything that is on my mind which could be anything from make up , men , chocolate ANYTHING. I suppose its sort of like a dairy.i dont get to spent as much time as i would like on here but starting from today i am going to make the time even if its for just 10 small moments

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